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What did you like best?

“That I understood what was presented was huge. Presentation was SIMPLE.”

     -Kathy, YLEO FDA Compliance Presentation Attendee


Working with individual legal issues is our bread and butter once people understand what is needed. But how do you know what expertise you want to take advantage of? We do presentations to explain the basics of our practice areas and to help individuals figure out when to get professional help. We also tailor presentations to groups, such as our FDA Compliance for Essential Oil Independent Distributors presentation. Don’t worry, there’s no hard sales pitch! In fact, we give tips on how to find the best attorney for your needs. If you choose to hire us – great! If not, you’ll leave armed with information to figure out just when you should seek out additional help.

Business Formation

We help small business owners choose the organization type best suited to their needs and file the appropriate documents.

Estate Administration

We help individuals and families settle the estate left by a loved one’s passing. We offer full personal representative services, as well as limited legal services options.

Estate Planning

We help individuals and families plan for the future, with an eye toward protecting assets from unnecessary seizure and taxation, and ensuring final wishes are met. We offer convenient and economical alternatives to traditional estate planning services through our Will Signing Parties and limited legal services options. Click her for more details.

Municipal Matters

We help people navigate local ordinances affecting their property rights.

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